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Trenches should be dug surrounding the hut, and thence in a direction and to a distance suitable to carry off all drainage (drug).


These will stand as invaluable evidence, "order" and will be always looked upon as mines of information. One fluid ounce of this standard solution to the gallon of water will make a suitable solution "what" for the disinfection of clothing. Of three operations, however, of this kind, which were practised in blood my presence by my predecessor in this place, one only succeeded; and a like result which ensued in other instances did not tend much to encourage us to persevere. The symptoms may hair not differ greatly from those of perforation, and exploration is indicated. At the end of four hours, Having- stated the foreg-oing- experiment at full length, I shall give the results of loss the others in the following.Almost no appearajice of size.

This is especially important to be observed by children, and all whose throats are sore from any "effects" cause. Wagner prefers an incision in the fifth or sixth intercostal space, near to the edge of the latissimus dorsi muscle; and in order to promote a tablets free discharge during the after-treatment, he keeps his patient lying on the side, with the pelvis and lower part of the trunk elevated on a firm pillow. The "side" micrococci of dioxide of hydrogen and bichloride of mercury. It should be noted in this connection that the increase in the waste of nitrogenous bodies, as shown by the increase of urea, is dependent far more on the amount of nitrogenous matters ingested mg than on the muscle work or decomposition. The displacement may take place in any does direction, but is most frequently downward; it may recur at intervals.

Safer immunizing materials, capable of being employed by others than veterinary surgeons' are now on release the market, and this applies more particularly to that half-sister of anthrax known as quarter-ill or black leg, which see. But the gain to the wage classes, from the saving of the lost labor, 10 will have been far greater. Whenever diflSculty is experienced by the patient in coughing out the tracheal secretions, and inhalations of vapour, and instillations and injections of liquids, may be practised. The period of observation in the case of the two lustmentioned places was very short, being about a year contraindication and a half for each station. Small abscesses may also implicate the mucous glands or Peyer's plendil patches as a result of catarrhal enteritis. In some cases there is a large crop, great constitutional disturbance er and danger; in other cases, a solitary one maycreate quite alarming symptoms.

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