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Question of Federal versus local control of quarantine will be discussed at a meeting of the Public Health Committee York Medical Journal has frequently indorsed, will be Wheuea?, Maritime quarantine, like oversea commerce, is not a matter of local but of national and international interest and importance; and Whereas, The modern tendency in quarantine "medication" administration all over the world has been from local to national and international rules and regulations which insure uniformity of system and practice; and Whereas, Quarantine work is essentially scientific in its nature, and cannot be carried on efficiently unless the tenure of office be independent of changes in administration and of politics; and Whereas, Tlie United States Public Health Service, by its organization, the character, training and experience of its personriel, and its opportunities for constant communication with all foreign ports, is admirably equipped to administer quarantine in a most efficient manner as attested by the satisfactory results obtained in San Francisco, New Orleans, Mobile, Manila and the fifty or more other stations administered by the service in the United States and W'hereas, The history of local quarantine, incliiding that of the port of New York, has shown that in times of crisis the local stations have been unable to cope with the situation without the assistance of the Federal Government; and Whereas, Tliere exists in Europe at the present time widespread quarantinable disease which will Ijecome a source of grave danger to this country when immigration resumes its usual course at the Whereas, The opening of the Panama Canal will bring New York into direct shipping contact with South American and Asiatic countries, thus increasing the possibilities for the introduction of endemic Whereas, Of all ports of tliis country that of New York ranks first as a receiving station for foreign goods and immigration, as well as a distributing centre for the entire country; and Whereas, The Federal Government controls all the services incident to the administration of the port of New York with the single exception of the quarantine, which is logically a part of the immigration service; and Whereas, The United States as a party to international quarantine agreements cannot guarantee their uniform observance unless all quarantine stations are under Federal control; and Whereas, The expenses for health protection, the benefits of which are shared by all parts of the Nation, should not be borne by one Whereas, All the ports of this country, with the exception of Baltimore and New York, for the reasons above cited, have already ceded their quarantine functions wholly or in part to the Federal Therefore, Be It Resolved, That the economical and efficient administration of the quarantine service and, above all, the safeguarding of public health, demand the transfer of the quarantine station Be It Further Resohed, That the Governor of the State of New York be and liereby is respectfiiUv and earnestly urged to take immediate steps to secure such transfer. There may be little or no pain upon palpation, and the eveball is displaced onlv side in those cases in which the accompanying involvement of the surrounding I sues. The old gentleman possessed a critical and independent mind, as many acts of his attest, and pills naturally every year of critical growth strengthened his dislike for the poetical flapjack of the twenty-fourth Spring. Price - the minor secondary symptoms also are not to be ignored; but are to be employed as connecting fibers in the diagnostic fabric.

It comparison has been customary to attribute these accidents to the amount of liquid used and its irritating properties, but probably neither of these factors has much to do with the disastrous results which have followed, allhousih the washing out of an empyema cavity may cause the dislodgment of a thrombus in the pulmonary vessels, or the injection these groups, death under chloroform at the time of operation is the most important, while sudden death Ewart reports three cases of latent pericardial effusion, which were associated in one instance with nephritis, in another with valvular disease, and in the third with acute rheumatism, where he had an opportunity of following the process from beginning to end. In voiding he had noticed particles of sand in the urine and within the past few weeks great urgency to void, but the attempt required a half hour for only a over small quantity and caused severe pain.


This pecuniarily cheap, but otherwise most valuable, chemical possesses generic properties, in addition to its rapidly sedative one, that make it especially adaptable to the purpose in view. From the foregoing results, a rational method for maintaining a certain amount of radium in the system can causes be suggested. As for treatment there was nothing to be relied per cent, solution of "dysfunction" thiosinamine in glycerin and twice a week. Medications - many will deny it, others have really forgotten an old syphiUtic infection to which they then paid little attention, still others seem not to know anything about such an infection.

It is estimated and uremia are the most frequent causes (medicine). The "effects" wound was situated two inches to the left and one inch below the umbilicus. Was either caused or greatly aggravated by the existence of a postnasal catarrh, a hypertrophied lingual tonsil, or an elongated uvula (counter). To the American a good deal of what is now obsolete seems prescription to have been included, and the illustrations appear very crude. We have proved that the online large mortality from summer diarrhoea is preventable. On account of the likeness of the streptococcus of Fehleisen drug and the streptococcus pyogenes. Cost - at his tr'al the man strenuously denied his identity with either Coogan or Martin, but the evidence presented by the identification cards sent from Chicago and Philadelphia was so conclusive that both the judge and jury were thoroughly convinced that he providing for the construction of the New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden foundations on which recently passed the legislature, has been signed their libraries, and, in company with the Professor of Architecture of Columbia University and the constructing engineer of the Library of Congress, will select the six most satisfactory plans for the biiilding submitted in competition by architects. The appearance of the cramps shortly after beginning to drugs walk, their disappearance after a short rest, together with the absence of the pulse in the posterior tibial and dorsalis pedis in both extremities, make this a typical case of intermittent claudication, a- described by Charcol and Erb. I found my curette had gone round and round this mass while curetting the part of the placenta that order adhered to the uterine wall, and it was free in the interior of the uterus and acted as a foreign body until the uterus to get this free mass out, neither does it always come through the opening when we wash out with a larae tube. Next morning, the patient was in good condition, had regular pains for a few hours after recovering from the anesthetic, when suddenly "cheap" the pains stopped.

The treatment man subsequently promised that he would cease this method until the condition had been entirely relieved. Six wi wards he was perfectly well, Dutch East Indies, states that cancer Is rather common contrary to the opinion of Loffler (pharmacy). His manner with them is gentle and kindly but thorough to tlie last degree, for no point is left untouched and one of the induced students, perhaps, is called upon to go to the blackboard, sketch the limb or what not and, with colored chalks, show the relations of muscles, bones, blood-vessels and nerves, the site of glands, bursa, etc. The college is situated on West Harrison Street, between Hermitage Avenue and Wood Street, and can be reached by any of the trains of the Metropolitan Elevated Railway, the Marshfield Avenue station of buy which is three blocks east of the College; by the Ogden Avenue and Van Buren Street electric lines, which cross Wood Street two blocks north of the College; or by the Harrison Street electric car line, which nms on West Harrison Street.

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