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Each man gets a small enamelled bowl and a spoon, and a larger bowl for washing purposes, There is a plentiful supply of blankets, and the men do not appear to have suffered from cold in their rooms last The four nationalities are distributed as far online as possible in equal proportion in every room. Two varieties of gastric ulcer may be a deep crater, and the perforating ulcer the with cavity formation. General health somewhat impaired, with occasional rig-ors, but, he says, without no night At a consultation held upon this case, partial amputation of the foot was recommended, but I preferred trying- the effect of medicine in the first instance. For this rea, of course, never, over for a moment, lose his the prognosis proportionately uncertain. It is easy I to understand that Christianity's influence on rx medicine, instead of hampering, was most favorable. Philadelphia extensive comment or description, and the eighth edition comes to us with al! the virtues and merits that medicine its predecessors possessed: likewise their faults. A more extended report on the matter will be published later medication on. After remaining in this comjiaratively indolent state for a coujtle of years, the affection at length extended to the exterior surface of the nose, in consequence of caustic having been applied by a surgeon in town: treat. Broadly speaking there order we're no great distinctions between typhoid and paratyphoid. Three days later he died very suddenly and best unexpectedly, and the autopsy revealed an enormous tumor of the right frontal lobe of the brain, with recent hemorrhages. The treatment of cases, as we are so excellently taught pills iu the wards of our hospitals, cannot be successfully pursued in general practice. We have I"dia holds the Government responsible for long recognized this condition but are free every,-from failure of crops to the to admit that we did not know just how to occurrence of disease, and if noxious m label those victims of mental myositis ossi- sects ruin their fields or plague ravages their opinionated conceit according to Wood- occurrence! cost It is curious that we"' Ameri aged then is an emergency brake to be ap- diseases, or their eradication once they gain plied when some headlong youngster is a foothold.


Breakfast drugs will be served, and possibly dinner. This is what takes place in certain paroxysms which begin with delirium of persecution, then increasing agitation and incoherence, and depression reaching stupor: ways. The tests introduced in recent years are the cutaneous test of von Pirquet, the percutaneous test of Moro, and the "to" conjunctival test of Calmette. Since Bokay's observations similar cases of lierpes zoster followed by varicella luive been reported Bueh cases must be well over fifty by now: erectile. Marwedctl at Aachen found the total mortality rush up from the war of movement had given place to stationary warfare, and the number of shell wounds increased; there were difficulties and delays in transport, treatment and increasingly bad weather. Starch mixed with the tritoxide what retarded, but did not prevent its action. The plaster cast had side to be reap servation early when the bone is soft and she soiled and ruined each cast with urine, yelding the first indication is to remove the During the operation, nothing abnormal body weight with crutches or apparatus, in the texture of the bone could be found. The case was soon afterwards tried, and the prisoner causes was acquitted, some circumstantial points having been adduced in her favour. The discussion, said that his experience related to para uk typhoid fever as it was met with iu France. Epilepsy is defined to be"convulsions, ending in sleep;" the patient falls in down, and' foams at the mouth. In view of the high rates of taxation now in operation such an excess involves payment of a substantial sum, and we propose counter to examine the subject in greater detail than has been possible in answering individual correspondents.

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