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Eidsvold, MD, New York, NY purchase Rune Eliasson, MD, Stockholm, Sweden Inta J. Treatise on Diet and Eegimen; fourth edition, re- written Handbook to the Peak of Derbyshire, and the use of Buxton G-uide to the use of the Buxton"Waters; eighteenth edition: to. The pupils were contracted, and there was considerable photophobia and occasional mild delirium (supplements).

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:: It is rHE Best Dressing for Burns I is the very best remedy in the line oi ocal treatment for eczema and all kindred Itaneous diseases that I have ever met md must obstinate cases of eczema yield I the benign influence of tin's remedy, Id have also used it in cases of herpes linctv nine per cent of the skin diseases iving testimonials, hut this is one in stance in which it gives me greal pleasure to online state that the medicine case from your house is invaluable to me.

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