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And as these small schools are rapidly increasing in number, and as their student nurses even now in this State outnumber the student nurses of the large hospital training schools, the time perhaps is not buy far off when graduate nurses will uo longer rank themselves by the size of the hospitals which own their respective schools, bat rather by the educational breadth and thoroughness of the training given therein.

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The wounded come in to cost a receiving ward and follow a definite channel in accordance with their needs. Not long since meds a gentlemen claimed that operators and non-operators were divided by geographical lines. It is our better knowledge of the relations of optiial diabetes errors to strabismus, and our increased facilities by retinoscopy and other means of estimating the degree of hypermetropia or astigmatism present, and then of prescribing the appropriate glases. Vitae vulgaris, medicine et vel minuendo dofin pro ratione operationis. If cheapest dangerous RECTAL alimentation IN THE NAtjSEA AND INANITION OP PREGNANCT.

Leeching was sometimes list very beneficial. Necrof ic c, one due to a online circumscribed encapsulated rea of necrosis with subsequent liquefaction of the nevoid c, one with an extremely vascular sac. The part to which anything is fastened; specifically, in dentistry, a tooth to which a bridge is fastened, the root pills to which a crown is fastened, or one of the points serving to fix a filling, genus of plants of the natural order Boraginacete. Do you know an impaired physican or a physician of in trouble? The Physicians' Health Committee are confidential, and the identity of the reporter will not be disclosed. In this way the sick passengers upon the boats were not only frequently seen and administered to, but when they desired it were occasionally removed from the boats to the hotels and boarding-houses in the city, to be better attended to in medicines the way of nursing and having m?dical aid.

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